Return Back to Your

Workplace Safely

with Microsoft Teams

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Reserve helps organizations make the transition back to offices in a safe and efficient way. With Reserve, your employees can book spots for office space after completing a health check for COVID symptoms.

How the Reserve App works

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Easily search for your next location that will accommodate your dates and your attendees.

Glance at upcoming reservations, history of reservations and COVID-19 screenings.



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Screening Process

Configure your screening process by adding a privacy consent step, COVID-19 screening, and a final validation approval.

Ensure that there is traceability and the appropriate screening protocol to provide a safe environment for your organization. 

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Facility Details

Configure your facilities so your employees are able to find and reserve the location they need to perform their daily activates.

Control your capacity requirements, units available and opening and closing times of each facility.

Your facility will provide primary contacts, maps, guideline information, availability information and everything else your organization needs!  

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Reservation Confirmation

After carefully reviewing the screening information and the location's availability, a final reservation will be placed. 

Your organization will be set to ensure the best possible transition to return to the workplace!