Developing custom applications for business productivity
Leave App
Microsoft Teams App

This app delivers an intuitive, easy to use and flexible capability for your employees to request any type of leave including vacation, sick time, and much more.  All backed by a customizable behind the scenes workflow and integration within the Microsoft 365 group calendars to see your own and your teams time off schedule.  The Leave App interfaces with the user in showing them there used and allotted leave times and with mangers to see their reports time off.

Multilingual Comments
SharePoint Framework App

This SharePoint Online app extends the out of the box comments web part on SharePoint web pages to show comments from other attached SharePoint pages in other languages.  It offers the ability to use the Azure machine translation engine to automatically translate the comment in the language of the reader.

Return to Office App
Microsoft Teams  App

This app extends Microsoft Teams capabilities for your users by providing a mechanism for an organization’s employees to book their time on-site physically at the office.  It is configurable with policies to automate the offices capacity regulations, approvals and an automated bot to ask specific questions before arriving on-site (e.g. COVID-19 related questions such as “Have you been in contact with anyone symptomatic or diagnosed with COVID-19?”, “Are you symptomatic?”, “Have you travelled?”, etc.) with escalation procedures.

Certification Tracker
Microsoft Teams  App

The certification tracker is an embedded Microsoft Teams app which allows organizations to track and assign certifications to users.  It gives the ability to managers to assign certification tasks to user and track their completion.  This is facilitated through embedded bots, tab tracking, reporting and configuration views as well as adaptive cards / actionable messages.

Content Explorer App
Microsoft Teams App

This Microsoft Teams app allows your users to surface all the libraries, lists, sub-sites and hub associated sites by pointing to any SharePoint Online or SharePoint On Premise site collection URL within a Tab in any of your Microsoft Teams.  It inherits your users’ pre-existing security access to show only the content they are permitted to see. It offers flexibility of your users pointing their Microsoft Team to any site collection instead of the one that comes with their Microsoft Team.