We Build Microsoft Teams Apps that Improve Your Employee Experience through Engagement

Team Encouragement

Cloudspark EXP is a Microsoft Teams embedded ecosystem of apps built to address Employee engagement alongside normal People Operations focused tools & processes all while minimizing disruption to employees.



Our Story

Cloudspark Labs was born out of the need to support businesses who wanted simple solutions to everyday issues that they didn’t want to spend time or money towards developing themselves, or purchasing expensive systems or applications for.  Here at Cloudspark Labs, we focus our efforts on building applications that are integrated seamlessly within the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms to give organizations easy solutions to their everyday problems.

Our Vision

Making Work Easier – our vision at Cloudspark Labs is to find ways to help the world make work easier by providing simple and effective solutions. 


Cloudspark is passionate about creating Modern Hybrid Workplace targeted applications surfaced using Microsoft based Cloud services such as Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform.

Using these technologies allows our customers to have scalable, trusted, and corporate sanctioned applications with the security & compliance underpinnings that enterprises required in today’s world.




An intuitive, easy to use and flexible capability for your employees to request any type of leave including vacation, sick time, and much more.

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Request leave and time off

An intuitive, easy to use and flexible capability for your employees to request any type of leave including vacation, sick time, and much more.

office space

Return to the office safely

This app extends Microsoft Teams capabilities for your users by providing a mechanism for an organization’s employees to book their time on-site physically at the office



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Our north star for every individual and team at CLOUDSPARK is to create new ways that create new value. All our contributions have an element of creating new value for our customers, our products and for the betterment of our team.  


We approach our team members, partners, customers and every endeavour we pursue with utmost integrity. In each situation or challenge we encounter, we maintain an ethical mindset to ensure that we build trust with every person and community we come in contact with. 


Everything we do, every product we develop, every task and deliverable demands excellence. We strive to create a supportive environment where we encourage our team to consistently seek opportunities for improvement which allows us to thrive and continuously achieve excellence. 


Working collaboratively is one of our top priorities.  We stand together as a team in times of success and in times of hardship because we believe that we can learn, grow and achieve more when we work together.  



Tel:  416-788-0031
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